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    Hey there - thanks for your patience over the weekend! 

    While there isn't a cloud-save option currently in the game, our support team can help get your progress and purchases restored for you on your new iPad. 

    To get started, just email our team with the PlayFab ID (tap menu > Connect > bottom left) and some info about your past progress, and we'll be able to take the next steps. Some info to include would be: 

    1. Roughly how many Angels you had
    2. Roughly how many Gold/ MegaBucks you had
    3. Screenshots of receipts from your in-app purchases
    4. Did you have any Suits? If so, what color(s)? 

    I know that's a lot of info, so if you aren't able to remember all that, just let us know how long you had played for and include screenshots of your receipts. 


    Thanks so much! 

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