My Angels are all wonky in the Live Event




  • Joel Hunt

    I think you'll discover your answer by fiddling around with the different ways that the Profit Martians can get confused before the timer runs out,  then apply those same findings to the boosting devices used in the events.

  • Michael

    Hey Joel! 

    This particular issue has just started to pop-up in the last two Events, and we haven't changed how the Boosters work; however, we'll definitely do some digging into the Boosters to see if we can find anything there. 

    Thanks for the help :) 

  • Joel Hunt

    I gave more details in a chat yesterday with Alexis,  and replied to the transcript email with even more details and screenshots from THIS event- Insert Coins to Continue. I hope you can fix it.  I've completely hosed my progress testing it. 

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