What's with the 6.2 Update?

Once you've downloaded the 6.2 update, you may notice things have changed a little bit.  And they have!  For the better! 

NOTE:  ***Even if your game is set to auto-update any and all of your apps, you may need to visit your local shop and download it there*** 

Here’s what’s new in 6.2:

- Mix and match your Suits! Put your wardrobe to work for you by matching different pieces for special bonuses. Whether you're trendy or tacky, you're always fabulous!

- Upgrade Event Badges! That's right; now every Badge will have a bonus and every bonus an upgrade! Talk about a Badge of Honor!

- Collect duplicate Suits and Badges for bigger bonuses! An overflowing closet means an overflowing wallet!

- New and Improved Shop! We've got a fancy new look with fancy new bundles. Even the fanciness got fancier! Now you can shop 'til you drop!

- Fresh new look as we work on making Capitalism faster and fresher than ever!

Is that not a humdinger of an update?!! Love it or leave it, we want to hear it! Send your feedback to  


  • The Adventure Capitalist Team


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