I never received my Free Gold!

If you completed one of the offers for Free Gold and never received the Gold, there's no need to panic - we can help you out! Please write to us with: 

  • Your offer history showing completed/ pending offers (tap Free Gold > scroll down > tap on Missing Gold?)
  • Your completed objectives in the offered app (eg. screenshot showing you have reached lvl 10 in Final Fantasy Citadel)
  • Your PlayFab ID, (Tap on the Menu (three lines at bottom) > tap the '?')

If you decide to complete Gold offers in the future, please keep the following in mind:

  • If you've completed the same offer or a similar one by a provider, you will not be eligible for the rewards. Please make sure to read the requirements carefully as many offers are for 'First Time Downloads' or 'New Players'
  • Make sure you download the app through the offerwall; leaving the game and going to the app store won't count
  • Make sure you level up the right structure when relevant (usually something like your HQ or Stronghold - not your character level)
  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection prior to completing an offer.


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