Can't Purchase/Didn't Receive Gold: Mobile

If you are having trouble purchasing/receiving purchased Gold on your mobile device, here are a few things to consider:

  • Make sure you have a solid connection to the Internet, via wifi or data. Having a weak connection could result in a failed purchase attempt
  • Ensure that you have a valid payment option set up with your iTunes or Google Play account, or a pre-loaded amount available
  • Try closing down the app completely (not setting it in the background) and restarting your mobile device. This can sometimes help push through any lagging purchases
  • Make sure your local region supports connectivity to the iTunes or Google Play store. If your local region doesn't and you are using a VPN to connect, it may result in the purchase failing

If you make a successful purchase, but do not receive your Gold after attempting the steps above, we may be able to help you restore your missing Gold.

Please email us at "" with the following for purchase verification:

1. Your purchase receipt(s) confirming the correct Gold amount or a screenshot of your app store purchase history showing the transaction

2. A screenshot of your current AdVenture Capitalist "Store" page, outlining your current Gold and Multiplier amounts

3. Your PlayFab ID found under Career > Connect > Bottom left hand side of the screen 




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