Lost Progress: Kongregate

When you play AdVenture Capitalist on Kongregate Web, your progress saves locally within your computer. Your progress is saved within Unity's Player Preferences, which are store on your hard drive. If you experience a sudden loss of power, or a browser/computer crash, it could corrupt your data and wipe your progress.

If you are playing on Kongregate, then we are able to help you restore your missing progress and/or purchases with the use of Support Codes. 

If you need to restore your progress/purchases, please write us at "" with the following information:

1. Kongregate username
2. Screen shots of your Kongregate Kred purchase history related to AdVenture Capitalist, as well as screenshot of your current AdVenture Capitalist "Store" page, outlining your current Gold and Multiplier amounts; we need to see that your Gold and upgrades are no longer there
3. A screenshot of your current Investors screen, showing your current Angel Investors and also include how many you had previously

Things to note with restoring progress on Kongregate:

  • We need an Angel Investor total to help you restore your progress. We cannot restore Cash or Unlocks
  • Please include screenshots of all purchase you'd like restored, whether they are Gold Bar purchases, or previous multiplier purchases from the pre-Gold era of the game



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