Gold Purchased Time Warps

Tired of waiting around for profits to accumulate? The "Time Warp" upgrade is the one for you. Within the Shop, you can spend Gold to move your game forward, and instantly receive your profits and Angel Investors you would've received within that time limit. Time Warps are good for a single use*, and are available in 3 different lengths:

  • 1 Day Time Warp: At 10 Gold, the 1 Day Time Warp is a great way to quickly skip ahead when you are trying to reach some short term Unlocks.
  • 7 Day Time Warp: At 25 Gold, the 7 Day Time Warp will give you larger returns, if your progress is at a point where it will allow it. Make sure you don't have your profits and Angel Investor accrual maxed out (AKA. You should be resetting), otherwise the 7 Day Time Warp will be a waste!
  • 14 Day Time Warp: At 40 Gold, the 14 Day Time Warp is extremely useful for late game players who are working towards those final unlocks. As mentioned above, make sure your game is at a point where the 14 Day Time Warp will provide the best returns possible
*Please note: The Time Warp functions only apply to the planet/moon that you purchase them on!


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