What are the Quik Buy/ EZ Upgrader Managers?

There are 2 additional Manager types that will help you with your capitalist adventure: Quik Buy and EZ Upgrader Managers

Quik Buy Manager (aka Luis Fittui) will allow you to (safely) purchase all available Cash/Angel Upgrades with the touch of a button. Once you unlock the Quik Buy function, the button will appear at the top of each upgrade purchasing column. When we say "Safely Purchase", this is reference to the "10% Rule" will spending your Angel Investors on Upgrades - Quik Buy Manager will only purchase Upgrades that won't negatively affect your Angel Investor totals.

EZ Upgrader Managers allow you to purchase the next available upgrade on your home Investment screen, without visiting the "Upgrades" section on the "Menu". The perfect solution for those time savvy capitalists, or early game players who don't need to purchase Upgrades in bulk.

Just to note, as with any Manager purchase, you'll need to rehire them every time you reset your game to "Claim Angels". However, the prices do not change at any point.


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