Live Event FAQ and Troubleshooting

A few points to note in regards to Live Events:

  • You just need to make sure to have at least 5 Oil Companies purchased. Once you do that, it'll open up the Events tab within the AdVentures tab.

  • Any Gold purchases within a Live Event (Multipliers, Time warps, etc.) do not carry over outside in your main game
  • Live Events are time sensitive; once they are gone, they are gone for good!
  • During Live Events, you can collect Badges that can be displayed within your Swag and Stats for you to view
  • When the Live Event starts, make sure you are connected to wifi - you'll need to download the initial Event files before you can run it on your phone/device/computer. From there, you'll beed to be connected to the Internet for the duration of the Live Event
  • **PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AT LEAST 1GB OF RAM - This is required to download and enjoy the Event. If you have any less, you may be unable to access the Live Event. If you have 1GB or less of RAM, make sure you are closing down any apps open in the background, and you go straight to the Event upon opening the game - visiting other planets can potentially use up RAM needed to run the Event smoothly.
  • If you ever have issues connecting to/downloading the Live Event while it's happening, try closing down the game completely and restarting your device/comptuer. A full disconnect from the Live Event server is needed to correct any connection issues
  • If you are playing on Mobile, make sure your device is up to date with the latest OS version respective to your platform. Also, you will need some additional memory to make sure you have room to download the Live Event on your device

If you try the above steps and are still having problems connection, head over to the following link to write us a ticket:

Please include the following information!

  • Your current platform, device and OS specs
  • What sort of internet connection you are using
  • Your current region you are playing from
  • Screenshots or information on any error messages you are seeing
  • Description of the issue you are encountering


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