"Live Rich and Profit" Live Event

It's time to boldly go where (some) Capitalists have been before! While those pesky Communists might call us Capitalist Pigs in Space, we know that venturing off into the cosmos is a truly noble pursuit: to put yourself to the fully possible use, which is the most any conscious being can ever hope to do... plus you can sell a lot of Barf Buckets.

  • "Live Rich and Profit" is time sensitive, and won’t be around for long. How long you say? Keep your eye on the timer, and that’ll let you know how long you have left!
  • Any Shop purchases within the Event are specific to "Live Rich and Profit" Live Event, and do not carry on outside of the Live Event.
  • There are many fine badges and bonuses to earn that you can take and use outside of the event to contribute towards your main game. Finished all of the unlocks? Don't stop there! The Currency Exchange will unlock and allow you to trade your hard earned cash for Mega Bucks!
  • Use the ProfitCaster to turn your profits up to X3 and send your profits into warp-speed!  

If you have any questions about Live Events, or you are having issues accessing the Live Event, check out the following page in the AdVenture Capitalist Help Center:

Best of luck, and thank you for your continued interest in Capitalism.

- The AdVenture Capitalist Team


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