I can't get my Kongregate 5% Login Bonus. What's the deal?


If you are unable to log in your Kongregate account to access your 5% Angel Effectiveness bonus:

  • Login using your Kongregate account information. If you don't have a Kongregate account, create one first
  • If you are logged in and it's not registering correctly 1) Log out of your account and log back in again or 2) Play the game for a few minutes; there can sometimes be a delay before registering
  • Make sure you have a solid connection to the Internet

If you've completed the steps above for either of the issues and are still unsuccessful, email us at "" with the following:

  • Your current device and OS specs
  • Details of what you are experiencing
  • When you first started experiencing the issue
  • What you've tried, and any error messaging you are seeing



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