I want to report a issue/bug! What do you need from me?

If you've experienced an issue with any feature within AdVenture Capitalist (EG. Upgrade didn't work, multiplier isn't applying, Managers aren't working, etc.), the important thing is to provide as much evidence recreating this issue as you can. Unless we can see what you are experiencing, we can't troubleshoot this issue.

When reporting a gameplay issue, here is what we'll need:

  • Screenshots of what you are experiencing: If you are seeing something strange from your end (EG. Upgrade not working), we need you to send us screenshots of before/after applying the upgrade. Wait until your next reset for Angels to take a few screenshots, and then send them our way. Make sure to include as much information you can about your Investments, Angel Investors, Upgrades, Purchased upgrades, and ultimately what you think should happen vs. what is actually happening. The more we understand what is going on in your game, the better we can assist you
  • Current Specs: Please be sure to always send us the most details information you can on your current platform, device/computer and operating system specs. Some issues can be fixed with a simple update!
  • Information on issue consistency: Did this happen once, never to be seen again? Does it happen every time you play? Let us know how consistently you can replicate this, as it will help us to prioritize a fix

Once you collect the above information, email it to us at "". While we can't always guarantee an immediate fix, your feedback will always be helpful in investigating further. 



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