Help! I Can't Earn Angel Investors!

Your Angel Investors are tied to your profits, so you need to be earning enough of your current Investments before you will start earning Angel Investors. For more information on Angel Investors, tap the information icon "?" on the Investors tab in your menu.  Click on Menu > Investors > "?" 

In addition to that, you also need to make sure that you don't spend too many Angels or else you will be unable to earn enough profit to continue earning Angel Investor.

The game will ask you to confirm any purchase that costs you more than 1% of your total Angels and you can safely spend upwards of 10% of your Angels for something worthwhile, like a "x7 to all profits."

All that to say, if you're still uneasy about the rate in which you are earning Angels, grab these screenshots and send them over to 

  • Your PlayFab ID (Tap on the Menu (three lines at bottom) > tap the '?')
  • Your Career>Stats screen, showing your total Angels and total sacrificed
  • Your Investor screen showing total Angels and Angel Effectiveness %

Ta ta for now! 




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