Lost Progress: Mobile

When you play AdVenture Capitalist on your mobile device, your progress is saved locally within your specific device. The game does not save to any platform specific cloud saving options (EG. Google Play on Android, iCloud on iOS). 

With that said, if you reinstall the app or start playing on a new device, your progress will be reset; this includes any game progress or in-game Gold/Gold purchased upgrades.

If you are using a device within the Android platform, we are able to help you restore your missing progress and/or purchases with the use of Support Codes. 

If you need to restore your progress/purchases, please write us at "" with the following information:

1. Your purchase receipt(s) confirming the correct Gold amount or a screenshot of your Google Play purchase history showing the transactions for AdVenture Capitalist
2. A screenshot of your current AdVenture Capitalist "Store" page, outlining your current Gold and Multiplier amounts; we need to see that your Gold and upgrades are no longer there
3. A screenshot of your current Investors screen, showing your current Angel Investors and also include how many you had previously

Things to note with restoring progress on Android:

  • We need an Angel Investor total to help you restore your progress. We cannot restore Cash or Unlocks
  • Since we do not have access to your Google Play account information, we cannot verify with Order Numbers, Transactions IDs, Google Play email information, etc. If you are unable to provide the requested verification, we are not able to restore your purchases

If you are playing on iOS, we can restore limited aspects of your game, including Earth Angel Investors, Gold, and Megabucks. Please provide us with the following for verification:

1. Your PlayFab ID (click on > Career > Connect and it will be located at the bottom of the page).
2. Summary of your missing Earth Angel Investor progress
3. Summary of any missing bonuses earned from previous Live Events (EG. Gold or Mega Bucks)
4. *Receipts or screenshots of your respective app payment history related to AdCap (*Only if the purchases were made prior to July 2015)


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