I've lost my Progress! What do I do?

Your Adventure Capitalist progress saves locally to your device and does not utilize cloud saving, so reinstalling or changing devices will result in lost progress. 

While our team is limited in the items they can add to your new  game, our super savvy support team can look into the matter and help you out as best they can. If you contact us, please make sure you're including: 


  1. Your PlayFab ID (click on > Career > Connect and it will be located at the bottom of the page).
  2. Summary of your missing Earth Angel Investor progress
    1. if you've unlocked the Moon and Mars, include how much progress you've made there
  3. Summary of any missing bonuses earned from previous Live Events (EG. Gold or Mega Bucks)
  4. Purchase receipts for any in-app purchases you may have made



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