What's the deal with Mega Boosts?

Mega Boosts are an investment upgrade that permanently boosts your profits by x7. This boost always stays around, regardless of Angel Claims. 

To activate a Mega Boost, you will need to purchase Mega Tickets. Mega Tickets can be purchased with Mega Bucks or Gold Bars.

Once you purchase a Mega Ticket, here is what you need to do:

  • On your Investment screen, hit the Mega Ticket Icon at the top of your screen
  • Choose which investment you'd like to apply your Mega Boost to
  • Hit the "Boost" button that appears, and your Investment will turn Gold

Once you've applied a Mega Boost to all businesses on a planet, all of your investments will turn Platinum. From there, you can upgrade further by tapping the Platinum Ticket icon that appears under your Gold and Mega Buck totals. 


Make sure you choose wisely; once you redeem a Mega Ticket for a Mega Boost on a specific investment, you can't move it to a different investment.


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