Everything you wanted to know about Mega Bucks but were afraid to ask

Mega Bucks are a huge help to those successful capitalists! But they can be tricky to earn, so here's some ways to get your hands on those sweet Mega Bucks: 

Currency Exchange: Tap on Menu > Launch > Currency Exchange. You can swap out your cash for Mega Bucks  here. Caution: Inflation is a real thing, and the price for each additional Mega Buck will increase over time. However, each planet will have it's own separate exchange, so if the price is too rich for your blood, head over to a new planet! 

Unlocks: Fancy yourself a gambler? Certain unlocks will give you a spin at a slot machine, which can pay out Mega Bucks and other rewards. 

Free Reward: Every two hours, you'll get the chance to watch an ad for a free reward. This can often get you some Mega Bucks! 

Live Events: You'll want to compete your heart out each weekend in the Events. The better you do in the Event, the more Mega Bucks (and Gold) you'll receive. You'll also get a shiny trophy. 


I have Mega Bucks, but what the heck can I do with them?!

Once you have some Mega Bucks, here's how to make your money work for you: 

Upgrades: There are certain Upgrades that can be purchased with Mega Bucks. The incredible part about this is they will last forever! 

Mega Boosts: You'll be able to purchase Mega Tickets and boost your investments. From there, you can apply additional boosts to the whole planet and start really raking in the cash. 

Suits: Feeling fashionable? Head over to the Shop and pick up some Suits. Not only will you look like a trillion bucks, you'll start earning different boosts with each Suit, AND you won't have to take orders from anyone ever again! Ha, like the Capitalist in the 1500 Mega Buck Suit is going to hold the elevator for the guy who doesn't make that in a year. COME ON! 


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