What's with all the Ad Boosts?

It wouldn't be AdVenture Capitalist without ADS now would it?  While you don't NEED to watch ads to advance in the game, they can offer a sweet, sweet surplus of profits and other bonuses.  

Here's just a few popular ways to use Ads to your advantage: 

-Welcome Back:  Profits not quite what you expected after that long break?  Why not quickly double them by watching an ad?  This screen will pop up after being away from the game for 30 mins or more (heck, even a month! Ahh... the beauty of idle gaming).  x2 profits too small time for you?  Use 10 Gold to get x5 off-line profits, it's nice.  

-Ad Watch Boost: This little baby is located in the bottom right hand corner of your main investment screen.  You can boost your profits by x2 for up to 24 hours by watching up to 6 ads.  Still not happy?  Boost your multiplier with 30 Gold to PERMANENTLY add an additional x2 to your Ad Watch Boost.  Just a note, multipliers are additive and DO NOT multiply, for example x2 + x2 + x2 = x6 ... not x8.  

-Angel Claim: Wanna earn more Angels?  Of course you do!  You can opt in to view an ad to earn an extra 20% to your total Angel amount before claiming.  All you need to do is hit that "Watch An Ad" button when prompted, enjoy the fine programming, and reap the benefits.

-Free Rewards: Tap the button on the main Investment screen and watch and ad to get guessed it, FREE REWARD!  The rewards vary from Mega Bucks, Gold and even Time Warps. 




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